Automatic Driving Lessons Crouch End. Review from Paul who passed with Drive with Nik.

Automatic Driving Lessons Crouch End. Paul passed his automatic driving test with Drive with Nik.

Automatic Driving Lessons Crouch End

I’m in my late thirties and learned to drive on automatic – I started lessons with Nik in January and passed in early August.

Nik is patient, friendly, nonjudgmental, good company, and an excellent teacher and motivator. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of north and northwest London streets and knows the best spots for lessons and practice manoeuvres. His instructions are always clear and he’ll answer any questions you throw at him. Nik was also a very sharp observer of my driving and always had constructive ideas about what I was doing well, and where I could improve. His friendliness and easy manner really helped to boost my confidence.

Aside from the lessons, Nik was excellent at coaching me for the theory test, and provides free access to a really helpful theory test website. He also uses iPad apps and dashcam footage during lessons to show you areas for improvement. Then, right before my driving test, we did three mock tests which were really helpful in making me feel prepared and relaxed for the actual driving test.

All in all Nik is an exceptional teacher and I recommend him without reservation.

Paul, Crouch End


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