Review from Jane who passed first time


#121 Automatic Driving Lessons Southgate

Simply said, Nik is an instructor that can work with the likes of a constant worrier like myself, and produce a driver who passes first time with only four minors!

Apart from the driving itself, what I feel was most important was the communication. Nik keenly listened to my story in a calm, relaxed and open manner, from start to finish. It’s still surprising that I was able to candidly explain myself and share my observations, because with my quiet nature I find that to be difficult in most places. Then with a sharp eye for detail, Nik gave well-targeted, supportive and creative feedback that made sense to my personal way of learning. It really made me feel understood. This enabled me to improve on weaknesses without shame, and push boundaries (e.g. motorway driving!) with confidence. I believe this is how he ‘tailors to your needs’, as many other reviewers mentioned. For a person that had a mental allergy to the idea of driving, the thirty lessons were almost therapeutic. Can’t recommend enough. If you’re in his area, look no further (but do consider waiting time of at least a few weeks, he is a man in high demand)!

I can’t wait to make use of my shiny new licence. Thank you so much for everything Nik! 🙂



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