Automatic Driving Lessons Oakwood. Sonia’s review.


#112 Automatic Driving Lessons Oakwood

Passing my driving exam has been one of my ultimate goals since I moved to the UK. I knew the exam would be more challenging than when I took my driving test in America at 16-years-old. Plus, after reading frightening stories of foreigners failing the practical test many times, I knew I needed a phenomenal driving instructor.

I found “Drive with Nik” after meticulously researching driving instructors in north London. I knew right away that he was the perfect teacher for me after our initial 2-hour lesson. For this reason, I decided it was worth travelling the long journey from Epping to continue our weekly lessons.

Nik is remarkably laid-back, friendly, patient, and calm — which are crucial characteristics to possess when teaching fearful and nervous learners. He never made me feel useless or incompetent whenever I made driving mistakes, which helped my confidence greatly. Nik is a human encyclopaedia on British roads. He holds a wealth of information on driving in the UK that I couldn’t believe how much I learned throughout our time together. And that’s after I passed my theory test!

Digital skills are not optional in today’s tech-savvy world, and Nik thoroughly embraced technology in our lessons. His technological know-how concerning relevant iPad applications and dash cam video enabled me to become a better driver in a shorter time period, which helped save me time and money in the long run. Nik genuinely wants to help his clients become confident and efficient drivers and isn’t money-hungry or pushy like some other instructors. He never once used salespeople tactics on me, which was refreshing.

As an American who just passed the UK practical test in Barnet, I have a newfound respect for anyone holding a UK driving licence. Thanks to Nik, I’m a more confident driver, and thanks to Nik, I received a pass certificate from the 4th hardest test centre to pass your driving test in the UK.*

I’m so proud to share the streets with a nation of drivers who passed the same difficult test. Americans don’t know how easy they have it!

If you’re serious about passing your test, hire “Drive with Nik”. I can’t recommend him enough. His professionalism, optimism, and invaluable driving knowledge guarantees that you’ll pass your test with flying colours. For a reason he has innumerable five-star reviews from legitimate clients.

* Source: “The Easiest and Most Difficult Places in the UK to Pass your Driving Test Revealed” by Rob Hull for THIS IS MONEY. 22 June 2017.

Sonia De Bruin, Oakwood


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