Automatic Driving Lessons Southgate. Review from Aida who passed her driving test first time.



Automatic Driving Lessons Southgate

I never thought I was going to see a picture of myself holding a driving pass certificate! And even more that I was going to pass at my first attempt! Not in a million years… Well, today it happened! And all of this thanks to my great driving instructor, Nik!.. Nik taught me how to drive, totally from scratch in my mid thirties. At first I was extremely nervous and did not have any confidence at all. But thanks to Nik’s calm personality, patience – and his nerves of steel! – I gradually became more comfortable with my driving as well as more optimistic about my capacity to do so. Nik did not teach me how to pass the driving test, what he taught me was how to drive well – in all conditions, types of roads and areas! And because of this, now that I have passed, I feel positive and up to the challenge to drive on my own… Massive thanks for this Nik and see you on the roads!

Aida Nieri, Southgate


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