Driving Lessons Palmers Green. Testimonial from Laura who passed her practical driving test first time!

Driving Lessons Palmers Green. Testimonial from Laura who passed her practical driving test first time!

Driving Lessons Palmers Green. Automatic Driving Instructor Palmers green.
I should start by saying I cannot recommend learning with Nik highly enough. He is a very calm and thorough teacher, who helped build my confidence and, this month, helped me pass my test first time at Wood Green.
A few months after wasting a lot of money on an intensive course with another instructor, which crushed my motivation and confidence in driving, I found Nik’s site. What initially drew me in was how extremely reasonable the prices were compared to many other instructors (saving nearly £10 an hour!) and the number of his students who were passing first time. But the things that made me want to continue learning with Nik were:
– how calm and reassuring he was, even if things went wrong
– that he taught me methods that worked best for me (and remembered them)
– that he explained things not just by talking through them, but by showing me using apps, google maps etc which helped me to understand better and remember
– that he emailed updates after each and every lesson with helpful information
– that he always asked if there is anything in particular I would like to learn each time, including situations which would be useful after my test (eg petrol stations, u-turns etc)
– that he was very professional, polite and always on time!
I have already recommended Nik to friends and family, some who are now booking lessons with him next month. I can promise that if you decide to start learning with Nik, you really won’t regret it.

Laura Crouch, Palmers Green


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